AIO Downloader for iOS – Latest Updated v5.4.1 for iPhone, iPad

Get AIO Downloader for iOS and run the app on your iPhone and iPad for free.

AIO Downloader is a safe and secure place to download millions of apps, games, and movies for android and ios devices. It is totally free of cost as compared to other popular APK markets on the web. It allows you to explore millions of videos and movies to stream for free with an option to download for later use. Aio downloader is an all in one solution for your problems of open APK market and streaming services on the web.

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Download AIO Downloader for iOS

You can download AIO Downloader APK free from the download button available below:


Features of All in One Downloader APK for iOS:

The following are the main features of AIO Downloader APK for iOS includes :

  • AIO Downloader enables you to download all types of apps and games totally free of cost.
  • Search and discover efficient and popular useful apps for your device.
  • Search for new apps, games, movies and other multimedia for free.
  • All the apps and games in AIO Downloader are updated on the daily basis
  • This will help you to get in touch with the updated and popular demand on the internet.


AIO Downloader Apps 

If you are facing problems while affording the expensive paid apps, you can get yourself some treat by downloading the apps for free. But again, since the paid apps are cracked in order to bring them for free, you are not getting the updates. But, the updated versions of both apps and games are updated quite frequently on this free store and the system is not entirely corrupted and you do not need to worry about that. So now, it is your turn to download all the free apps and games from the best free store that is out there.

aio downloader games

AIO Downloader Movies:

If you are someone who would love to have this smaller cinema on his phone. You can also use the AIO Downloader Movies section and get a lot of free movies for you. All the movies present on the store are provided in a quality which you will love to watch. Also, the movies are free as well and there is no discrimination between the cinematic and app services.

AIO Downloader Music:

The music section on the this downloader app is much bigger than you expected. There are a lot of free and cracked apps on the store including music from some of your favorite artists. There are thousands of free songs for you to download. You can also get the Mp3 on AIO Downloader music and these are the features you would love to have.

Steps to install Aio Downloader for iOS [iPhone/iPad]

TweakBox is a 3rd party application store that contains hacked and modified iOS applications and games. It contains those apps as well which are not present on the official App Store.

  • Download and install TweakBox for installing Aio Downloader.
  • Download Config file from trusted sources from Google.
  • Trust the profile of TweakBox before launching.
  • Launch the application and search for Aio Downloader.
  • Go to search result > go to the application information screen >  tap on the ‘Get’ button to download >  install the same on your iOS device.
  • This is a similar process how you download applications from the official App Store.

otherwise you can also download the file from here

Latest AIO Downloader version 5.4.1 file for iOS

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is Aio Downloader ?

Titanium tv is a third-party online streaming application. Download latest and popular apps and games and watch latest HD movies, TV shows and live TV streaming available totally free.

Q. Is this app free of virus and safe to use?

Yes, Aio Downloader comes with anti-virus shields. It prevents any attack of malware or virus of any sort whatsoever.

Q. Which of the devices support Aio Downloader?

Android above 4.4.3 or Windows above 7 including SmartTVs, iOS smartphones, and Firestick devices

Q. Is there any other Downloader app available?

I recommend you to try Aio downloader its one of the best in its niche. It is the ultimate solution to download apps and games for free.

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