AIO Downloader APK – Download Latest v5.4.1 for Android, iOS and PC

Download AIO Downloader APK, the All in one Downloader for Android, iOS, and PC. AIO Downloader app provides downloads for Apps, APKs, Videos, etc. It is an All in one downloader.

AIO Downloader stands for all in one downloader as it allows you to access millions of different new useful apps and games that are free of cost. Aio downloader is like your new Playstore that enables you to download apps and games for both android and iOS platforms including Windows for totally free of cost. There are millions of old and new videos, movies, ringtones, and other multimedia data for smartphone users that don’t like to spend money overpaid apps and games. AIO Downloader is all in one solution for all you need that is free of cost.


aio downlaoder apk

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AIO Downloader APK Features

  • Free download available for all android apps and games
  • Minimum space required for installation
  • No ads
  • Search popular apps and games
  • Updates available weekly
  • No need to root your device
  • A lot of features combined for free

Download Popular Games and Apps

Download Popular Games and Apps for free aio downloader has a feature that can help out people who can’t wait for apps or games available on google play store, or those that are not available for any particular area or region. This was the issue most of us faced before All in one downloader free latest version was launched. Now you can download the game from any region, or any app that is not allowed in your region. This app can do this for you. So enjoy the latest game and app available through AIO Downloader on your android or ios smartphones.

Free Apps that are best

What another amazing thing you will find in this AIO downloader, is that the apps you are going to get are free. You don’t even need to pay a penny, to get your desired app or game. Just grab your favorite app & game and use it.

Including those apps that are new or apps in which you are interested, and apps that are useful. Popular apps or fun games, everything is available for you in this amazing app. Find out even the most hidden apps in the google play store and use them.

Get Paid Apps for free

Apps that require pre-registration or apps that are paid, these are all available to you. And many other apps that disturb you for grabbing money out of you, they are all here in AIO downloader all for free.

Daily Updates

If you are thinking about new things, new apps, new games that come every day. Now you don’t need to worry about that, AIO downloader will give you regular updates. And these regular updates will help you stay connected to them. So you won’t miss a thing.

Now keep in touch with what’s new in the trending and Stay Connected with new All in One Downloader app version  5.4.1 2020

What else you can download

With AIO Downloader, you are not just allowed to download apps & games but also if you are looking to download any music, a ringtone to use, a wallpaper that will enhance your smartphone’s beauty, all of this without touching your computer?

You can do that easily using this downloader app the ultimate market for all that you need for free. Download your favorite ringtone to set it as your notification sound or favorite wallpaper that amazes you more. You can download any music, according to your taste among vast library available on the app.

AIO Downloader apk latest version
All in one downloader

Youtube – Watch unlimited videos & Download the same

All in one downloader, the ultimate market has everything for youtube lovers too. Using AIO Downloader you can watch hundreds or thousands of your favorite videos. And if you wish to save them offline in your phone storage to view them later.

With AIO Downloader’s youtube downloader, you can download your favorite videos. You can also get the AIO YouTube Downloader APK from our website and then start enjoying all the videos. You can now easily download and watch videos on your Android phone. Before this feature it was certainly quite difficult for many people to download the YouTube videos because of the downloaders wouldn’t just work.

Youtube to MP3 Converter

Most people use youtube for songs, they are just song lovers. Some of them want to have them in the video format online, some of them want to have them offline in video format. But some of them want youtube video songs in mp3 format. So they can listen to them more easily.

But youtube does not allow it, as you have to download the video and convert it into mp3 on your PC. But not anymore!

It does not only let you watch youtube videos but also convert the videos you want in mp3 format, all in one downloader has the youtube mp3 downloader feature, where you can download the mp3 format directly from the app. No need to do any conversion or using your PC.

Download videos from Facebook

If you are a facebook lover, so you would know that hundreds of awesome videos get uploaded on facebook. And some of you would like to have these videos on your mobile. As before the introduction of aio downloader, you need to have another app that can do that. But now using this, you can save your favorite videos on your mobile.

Free Movie Downloader inside app

There isn’t any trusted site that you can use to watch movies. You will never find the right on the web, but the solution to this problem comes too in AIO downloader.

It has this built-in movie downloader though which you can watch your favorite movie or download it without signing up for an account. You can access your favorite movies anywhere, anytime using this free amazing app.

All Of these features under one name

Most of us would be worried that a single app doing this much tasks, it can be a bit heavy for a smartphone or it may do a lot of processes at a time. If you are thinking the same, you should not worry about this. All in One Downloader is a tiny yet powerful app, that can perform a lot of tasks and that does not require much space.

AIO Downloader Games

aio downloader apps

If you are a gamer who has been facing troubles while trying to afford some of the coolest games made for the android, the section of AIO Downloader Games solves it all for you.

Now, you don’t need to mess with the Google Play and try to pay them. If you are getting a free version of the paid games on the this downloader, that would be perfect. However, these are the cracked versions and you cannot certainly get the official updates for them. But, that matters when you are thinking of playing online. In case you need to play the story mode only, these features are enough for you.

For instance, you can get GTA Vice City on AIO Downloader and also AIO Download COC which is a rare stuff to find. There are a lot of other free games which are available in the store and all you need to do is to get this one for yourself. You can get all the free AIO Downloader Games APK on the store.

AIO Downloader Apps 

If you are facing problems while affording the expensive paid apps, you can get yourself some treat by downloading the apps for free. Since the paid apps are cracked in order to bring them for free, you are not getting the updates. Versions of both apps and games are updated quite frequently on this free store and the system is not entirely corrupted and you do not need to worry about that. So now, it is your turn to download all the free apps and games from the best free store that is out there.

aio downloader games

AIO Downloader Movies:

If you are someone who would love to have this smaller cinema on his phone, you can use the AIO Downloader Movies section and get a lot of free movies for you. All the movies present on the store are provided in a quality which you will love to watch. Also, the movies are free as well and there is no discrimination between the cinematic and app services.

AIO Downloader Music:

The music section on the this downloader app is much bigger than you expected. Not just that there are a lot of free and cracked apps on the store but also a lot of music from some of your favorite artists. There are thousands of free songs for you to download. You can also get the Mp3 on AIO Downloader music and these are the features you would love to have.

File Information

Details of AIO Downloader

AIO Downloader APK Permissions

Microphone :

It will ask for you to allow permission to record an audio

Storage :

  • It will ask you to allow permission to write to external storage.
  • It will ask you to allow permission to read from external storage.

Contacts :

  • It will ask you to allow permission to the list of accounts in the accounts service.
  • It will ask you to read the user’s contact data.

Location :

  • It will ask you to allow permission to access precise place and location.

Other permissions include :

  • Network access
  • Open network sockets
  • Change network connectivity state
  • Access details about networks
  • Set the wallpaper
  • Replace Wi-Fi connectivity state
  • Access details about Wi-Fi networks
  • Uninstall a shortcut launcher
  • Install a shortcut in launcher
  • Write or read the system settings
  • Access plus place provider commands
  • Keep processor from screen or sleep from dimming
  • Make windows using the TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT presented on top of all other applications
  • Link the paired bluetooth gadgets
  • Disable the keyguard if it is not safe
  • Read the low level system log files

Download AIO Downloader for iOS :

Now you can download aio downloader for ios with latest version available for free

aio downloader ios
Aio downloader for ios

Download AIO Downloader v5.4.1 For iOS

Download AIO Downloader for Windows PC :

You can also enjoy library of thousand apps and games available for download for totally free with latest aio downloader app on your Windows PC

Download AIO Downloader v5.4.1 For PC

AIO Downloader Review: The All-In-One apk market

We have been reviewing AIO Downloader Free Store under different headings. Well, in this heading, we are going to make this all plain and simple for you. Being not a rich person, an app like this really comes as a blessing for most of us and other users. There are many apps and games on the Google Play which we want to enjoy but there is no chance that we can do that. However, a free store like this one makes it easier for us when all the paid apps and games become available for free on a store.

Most people think that it is like AC Market and other free apps and games providers for the Android. There are many other services which make this downloader an app with much more features. For instance, there is AIO Download YouTube, AIO Downloader GTA – 5 which you can play on pc, and AIO Downloader GTA- San Andreas which are paid games on the Google Play but are absolutely free for download on this store.

There is a lot of other good stuff which you get. For instance, you can get a free AIO Downloader Emoji Font 3 and also the app of the same name for absolutely free. This app is free on the Google Play but on AIO Downloader Market, you don’t have to pay for anything. AIO (All In One) downloaders are the websites or apps which provide you the apps, movies, games, songs and every paid or rare items at one place for free.

There is absolutely no doubt that AIO downloader has no control over the content and nobody really monitors them.

Final Verdict

AIO Downloader is a safe and secure place to downloader different apps, games, and movies for android and ios smartphones for free of cost as compared to other apk markets on the web. It allows you to explore millions of videos and movies to stream for free with an option to download them for later use. AIO Downloader is an all in one solution for your problems of open apk market and streaming services on the web.